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Get the food products you desire,
without the hassle of upkeeping the kitchen and staff.

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All along the way.

Our culinary team is your trusted partner.

  • Fine

    Our recipe concepts are tested and refined in order to work for your operation. If you have your own recipe, in mind, we will work together to advance your idea into a perfect dish.

  • Cooking

    Our crew of top rated chefs contribute their expertise, in producing quality food products. We place an emphasis on freshness and flavor, delivering food which will please every taste bud.

  • Kashrus
    and Health

    We pay heed to kashrus, providing you with the kashrus certificates we adhere to. Health is a strong priority, it’s our mission to bring u flavorful dishes which meet all FDA guidelines.

  • Convenient Packaging

    We are with you all along the way. Ensuring every step is a success. All our products are packed ready for sale. All the while, maintaining our promise, of providing u with long shelf-life products.

We know your business deserves your full attention, that’s why we are here to serve you. We take full responsibility for everything involved in producing your food, so you can fully focus on serving your consumers

About Us

H&F invented food

In the past decade, H&F has been delivering quality and taste to the commercial food consumer. We have grown to become a well known provider for premium, professional foods in the retail market. We always uphold to our standard of service, passionately servicing our customers - our people.

We believe in the power of homestyle with a professional twist.Our rewarded chef's are here to create just that - foods of dual goodness. Whether it’s your idea, or ours, we will make sure the dish has surpassed all our expectations of perfection. Food which spark excitement when reaching the table of families, events, or wherever good food is appreciated.

Who We Serve

Our customer base consists of “food service operations” such as restaurants, caterings, as well as organizations like schools, universities, hotels, and hospitals. We specialize in the frozen food industry for the retail market.

Our locations of services extends all throughout the U.S., as well as exporting to foreign countries. Our friendly staff will make sure, wherever you are situated, you should be able to take full advantage of our variety of products, or make your own great choices of food recipes for your own private company

What Sets Us Apart

We consider ourselves as groundbreakers in the food service operations. Our clients have more time to spend on their own businesses, knowing that their food needs are being taken care of. You get the food products you desire, without the hassle of upkeeping the kitchen and staff. The job is on us. Our employees take great pride in giving special attention to each customer, resulting in food that fits your level of excellence. We bring u first- class- proven products, we bring u our tops, enabling you to serve just that to your own customers

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Hours of opartion

Monday to Thursday: Frrom 9:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday: From 9:00am to 6:00pm
Friday: From 9:00am to 1:00pm
Saturday: Closed


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Florida, NY 10921

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